Miss Most

I would like to pop him a question “what do you miss most about UK?” And there he stood questioning me back, “What do you miss most about Banda Aceh?”

Then I would probably go on blabbering…

Of course it was the most beautiful places on earth that can be visited when the weekend comes. Lampuu beach, you have my heart in every single bit of sand, every single unit of water and every single second of sunset.
I miss the coffee. It was the perfect combination of bitter, sweet, sour, foam, milky and micro crushed grainy coffee beans. The coffee shop is where everybody knows everybody. I like it when I enter the room, every head would turn to stare at me and I found stars in their eyes.
And the temporary compound set up in the boundary between Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh. You can see red and white literally painted on the wall and some of them are hung in the air. It was an internationally local place, your ticket to see the world. From this point I gained some strengths and a rush adrenaline in my blood to give my best.
Home, is another thing I miss. Not that I don’t have home. I do have one; maybe I carry it around everywhere. But, the home I took as a postal address in Banda Aceh is really really home. It was not a big mansion or a fancy two-room apartment. Instead, it was a decent house, located in the heart of the city and filled up with everyone who can share their contagious happiness. Ah, yes so I miss the time after 10 o’clock every night where we all gathered in the living room watching local TV show (so who needs cable when we had all the fun?) and laugh uncontrollably. I usually nodded my head of while reading a book or two. Oh my God, sesak di dada nih.

And after a while, I stare at him, touting my eyebrows, “hey, I did popped the question first. What do you miss most when you were in UK?”

Unbalance smile and stars in the eyes, “You.”

Happy … uhm… let’s do the math later… Monthniversarry. 4 March 2008.

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