The Sundays Inn

It is located right in front of ever calmest blue turquoise sea. Coastline of Indonesia, of course, where in the world could you have such beautiful beachscape rather in Indonesia?
I usually wake up a little late and open the curtain that temporary hides the sunlight penetrating in. Then I fold my sarong while wait for the water in a kettle boiled up.
The good thing here is always a cup of tea, first thing in the morning. Or anywhere is. But it is marvelous here, because I can enjoy it on the porch while gazing at endless blue water. Sometimes a friend or a lover accompanies me with a light chit chat. Daily news paper or a book sometimes does as well.

where's the harm in voicing a doubt
you'll find me in the lavatory

The next good thing here is jumping into the water. You can do it all day. Even all night. That is if you are afraid of the sunburn. But why would you afraid of the sun anyway? The sun is the major source of living energy on earth. Everything evolves around the sun not the other way around.

so they rode out west to the seaside
and they gladly decided to stay
after two hours wandering outside
ooh the sea air drove them away, yeah

The best thing in the day is crawling back to your cribs and having short nap. Surely you are exhaustedly tired after a long day in the water. Besides, it gives you soothing effect that makes you nodding of easily.

and what is so wrong with voicing a doubt when I'm on my own
it's perfectly fine to sleep in a chair
from Monday 'til Saturday
and what is so wrong with talking out loud when I'm all alone

The best thing in the night is lying on your sarong on white sand and gazing at the sky. The vast pitch dark sky is a huge contrast to the stars. You can see them glowing, I mean really shine, in the night. Nope, not a single significant contribution from artificial lights here.

what's so wrong with reading my stars
when I'll be in the lavatory
and what is so wrong with counting the cars when I'm all alone

The next best things are the dream pop music they play, the couch in the living room, your room with a view, the breeze in the coconut trees, free flow of internet connection, the friendly hello, your flip flops, your swimsuit and the beer.

All the best are here, in the Sundays Inn.
Or in my vivid imagination.

you're not the only one that I know
and I'm too proud to talk to you anyway

You’re Not the Only One I Know – The Sundays

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