Elephants Walk

Trip to Saree has always been fun. Saree is located up on the hill but from certain points of view, you can manage to see the sea. A good combination though, between green grasses of the hill, blue sky with some spot of white clouds, and ever calmest ocean. The road is curly and hilly. Lots of turning right and left, mixed with ups and downs. Yeah, similar with our life at certain stages.

First stop is Saree market. Here you can find all the good things. Various of chips wrapped up in clear plastic bags and lined up in the shelves kiosk, waiting for you to hand the seller 5000 for each. Fresh turnips are delivered from fertile ground, a bit tasteless but surely a crunchy healthy fruit. Not quite sure it can make your skin fairly white though. As if it matters anyways.

But, what I love the most about Saree trip is the elephants. Yup, if you go to Saree there is one big fat chance to see elephant walks down the street. Of course, it is accompanied by its master and sometimes vehicles to block the road. Of course the vehicles are more for the other street user rather than the elephants.

To see an elephant walk is such an inspiring experience. They are big (yes, I know they are elephants), bold and massive. They sophisticatedly step their feet and wiggle their muscles. The way their swing their hips from side to side is deliberate but obviously certain. I can see courage and confidence here. Seems like there is nothing can block them in the way. Nothing can fear them, but that doesn’t mean they are proud and loud. Look deeply into their eyes and you will see sincerity shine from them. A perfect combination to allure you to hop on their back or just walk by their side to experience their journey. An open invitation from their sexy charm.

It makes me think about us, human. Is there something in the way we walk? Do we walk proud or sheepishly take small steps? Are we comfortable with our given appearances? Or do we represent our true self in every touch with the ground? A silly question sometimes pops in my head, what is it in the way we walk that attracts people around us? Well, elephants, are you answering?

Confidence is the sexiest charm one can ever have.
And I, gladly been cast spel of it.

Will upload the pictures of elephant in Saree. For the time being, please enjoy the picture my little elephant, Lola. She doesn’t do a lot of walking and like to spend most her time for sleeping or playing hide and seek. Just like me.

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