This beautiful

A left note from last holiday. Wrote down on my cell phone note feature and decided to share it with you.

Pulau Lengkuas, May 2008

The Belitung trip is almost over. Tomorrow we will packed our backpacks and leave the island behind.
He is lying down beside me while I’m sitting cross-legged and continuously staring at the endless turquoise ocean. The wind breeze is slowly caressing my over-tanned skin and I don’t even care if my hair is such a mess.
This is one of the idyllic scenes, too good to be true. A stunning place, a great companion and a constant uplifting mood. That’s why I want to ripped of the scene from the place, glue it onto my scrapbooks and take it with me whenever I go. A piece of something real as a grant of your dreams. A point of view of hope, sometimes in your life, your day can turn out to be this beautiful.

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