On the positive side

I really am mesmerized by the way my friends jumped up in their path of life. Let’s say, me and Lioni were together at high school time. And who might guess one day Lioni had this opportunity to experience India? Or, I might go to Jayapura? Or a friend could have an adventure roaming around Java island?

Oh, I am really damn proud of what my friends are doing out there. Some of them stumble upon pebbles and amazingly stand up. Some of them reached over milestones in a rapid speed and some walked a little by little but get there in time. Some of them are always by my side physically and some are only bad and good news come and go. But, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing now, they have touched my heart and leave footprints in it. As I watched everyting that passing by in my life and trying hard to captured every moments, I smiled. Dearest fellas, you have been given such a never ending passion and nevertheless, inspiration. And quoting her on one of a ride home, looking at my self and mirroring to her side, she believes that many great things happen in life, and more to come. Oh, isn’t life great?

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