Behind and in front, that counts

Last night, a friend emerged into my room and rapidly talked about his new lens. A humongous telelens, but it doesn’t work with his brand new flashy DSLR camera. He wanted to test the lens with my DSLR. I handed him the camera body then he attached the lenses. Nope. Sorry, my friend, it doesn’t work as well with mine. Instantly he thought and uttered that he was going to find another camera body to match his lens. He needed for his bird watching activity. I shrugged and said to him that I would love to have one but as of now I have to be satisfied with my semi-wide lens kit which I love to a bit. We did a bit of talk about digital camera, especially DSLR because he seemly doesn’t tolerate pocket camera. Then off he went.
Alone in my room, I look at my baby, Canon 350D. I caressed it slightly. She’s been with me since… uhm, 2007? Yes, exactly. Well, it was bought in mid 2006, but since 2007 we’ve been traveling intensively.
She’s been working very hard, I must say. Sometimes she doesn’t mind the weather and many times she was very close to ocean. One place that I know is not very good for her health. She’s been switching countries and most of the time has to adjust vigorously to the climate. I took a closer look, she seems to be old. In fact she is old, even the manufacturer decided to stop producing the model.
Do I need to change her for something new? The conversation with me and my friend flashed back. As I recall, I don’t really need new features although the LCD screen is a bit small for mw though. I caressed her black body again. That time I realized I love her so much. It feels like realizing how much you love your best friend and how great she is. I don’t care what others have as gadget buddies, as long as me and my 350D get together well and productively captured every moments of our life. I think we’re gonna stick continuously. There are always scenes to discover through my eyes and her view finder. Changing partner is not necessary because this world is so much to explore.

This is an old scratch written in my traveler journal. Inspired by a talented lady who never gives up on photography regarding the obstacles. That's what I called learning. For me, it is what is behind and in front of camera that count :) And thanks to her, me and my baby will shout to the world even louder through a surprise birthday present from her. Love it to a bit!

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