Man in mission

Imagine each line pop up in your e-mail according to the dates.You are on board now in a new mission. Starting now.
01/07/09 Mission #1: Enroll to an Dutch institute called ITC under the major of Applied Earth Sciences.
14/09/09 Mission #2: Hang around in the lobby of your dormitory. Wear your short, pretend it’s not that cold.
19/09/09 Mission #3: Pay attention to the lectures, you need to study hard at the very beginning.
23/09/09Mission #4: Find target. A girl named Dita. Small, middle length hair, turqoise blue blackpack with a bumblebee transformer keychain. She’s enrolled in a former badge than you. 
24/09/09 Mission #5: During coffee break time, sit with the target, sip your coffee religiously. Give compliment on her bumblebee keychain.
05/10/09 Mission #6: Attend the party at the dorm lounge, bring your DSLR camera. Spot target, stand nearby, show off your photography talent a bit. Offer her a bottle of Grolsch, then, ask her to dance with you.
07/10/09 Mission #7: Send one of the best pictures of her to her official e-mail.
08/10/09 Mission #8: She wants to copy the whole pictures, make an appointment, let her come to your room. At the very last minute, tell her you are busy and drop by at her room.
12/11/09 Mission #9: Organize an autumn photo hunting with her and her bestfriends.
14/11/09 Mission #10: Repeat Mission #7 and #8. Say yes when she invites you to drink tea at the end of the day.
17/11/09 Mission #11: Cook fried rice and do the eggs in sunny side up, invite her to dinner.
23/11/09 Mission #12: Sit with her during coffee break, ask her about earthquake and feel amazed.
03/11/09 Mission #13: Ask her to help you on your individual project about earthquake damage assessment.
05/11/09 Mission #14: Repeat Mission #11, but cook something traditional and vegetarian.
08/11/09 Mission #15: Cook her dinner more frequently.
21/11/09 Mission #16: Attend the christmas party, celebrate your individual project remarkable mark. Offer her bottles of Grolsch. Dance with her, stay all night with her. Don’t let her go home alone. Kiss her.
23/11/09 Mission #17: Organize a ski christmas holiday at Alpen with her. Have fun with the snow and always warm her.
01/01/10 Mission #18: Spend everyday with her – onward.
02/01/10 Mission #19: Spend everynight with her - onward.
17/01/10 Mission #20: Ask her to go to Paul MacCartney concert. Hug her tight during “Calico’s Sky”
20/01/10 Mission #21: Bear with her mood swing. Thesis’s been giving her a lot of pressure.
01/02/10 Mission #22: Always attend her presentation and give compliments.
02/02/10 Mission #23: Help her on the writing but don’t over critize her.
03/02/10 Mission #24: Be her shoulder to cry on
04/02/10 Mission #25: Do the weekly swimming at Aquadrome with her.
01/03/10 Mission #26: Repeat Mission #
2405/03/10 Mission #27: Celebrate an intimate graduation party for her. Feel happy but at one point look her in the eye and seriously utter “I’ll miss you.”
07/03/10 Mission #28: Help her on packing. Sweep off her so-called origami artwork and tell her you’ll keep them.
09/03/10 Mission #29: Organize a trip to Prague with her, feel like you don’t want to let her go.
01/04/10 Mission #29: Drop her at the airport. Hug her tight and kiss her short.
02/04/10 Mission #30: Text her everyday. Call her every other day. All about the lonely days in NL and how you miss her desperately.
05/04/10 Mission #31: Send her picture of cherry blossom. Write about love artistically.
01/05/10 Mission #31: Send her e-mail everyweek. Write about missing her artistically.
02/05/10 Mission #32: Encourage her to adjust with her new environment.
17/05/10 Mission #33: Reduce the call frequency.
18/05/10 Mission #34: Occasionally write blog about LDR sucks.
07/06/10 Mission #35: Tell her that summer is not fun to be spent alone.12/06/10 
Mission #36: Tell her that you are busy with group assignment.
19/07/10 Mission #37: Ask her opinion about your thesis topic options.23/07/10 Mission #38: Tell her you are busy with thesis proposal.
18/08/10 Mission #38: Drop a line that there was a new student who remind you of her
20/08/10 Mission #39: Organize a meeting point halfway. According to your thesis fieldwork, it is Vietnam.
08/09/10 Mission #40: Enjoy the sunset at Halong Bay with her.
10/09/10 Mission #41: Be very quiet at your last day in Vietnam.
01/10/10 Mission #42: Reduce the long distance call further.
21/10/10 Mission #43: Post a picture of you and a girl in the party.
01/11/10 Mission #44: Stop sharing. But tell her you miss her.
03/11/10 Mission #45: Occasionally leave the phone unanswered when you see her name beeping on your mobile.
30/12/10 Last mission: Let a girl answer her call with strong chinesse accent with this line: “You can not speak to him anymore. I am his girlfriend now.”
Congratulations, your mission is accomplished.

International Agency of Heartbreakers


G4reeLa said...

International Agency of Heartbreakers disingkat jadi IAH (baca: iyah). hehehe...

Oh, aku jadi lapar... kangen masakan Iyah.

dinda said...

i think i know some of the members of the Agency. hah.

tya said...

damn... heheh
d link y neng blog kamu d blog aku :)

Anonymous said...

hm...ini dia yg di NL ya? gitu toh...resiko jarak, Dit...

ophelia said...

the agency surely ask the applicants to deposit their hearts before going on a mission. their hearts before going on a mission.

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