Favorite person in your favorite life

Recently, I have been digesting quite a few readings of this bohemian hip called minimalism. Alright, it is not exactly that hippy. But I kinda like the idea, so I bought more books on the topic and gobbled it down.
One of the writings tickled me, as the author mentioned that all of his clothes are his favorite clothes. I looked at my outfit today. The toms shoes and fake leather jacket, they are by far one of my spring favorite clothing items. And all of my striped t-shirts are indeed my favorite tees, they can easily live up the vibe and never ever goes out of style. I love this cheap $5 stretch skirt, which I grabbed spontaneously by the cashier of HnM.
I am the version of my favorite person today. But this favorite thing goes beyond clothes, supposedly. I’m thinking of the choices I’ve been landed on. And the next time I sat on the bar beside someone, I’d love to pop up the question, is your life your favorite life? Are you the version of your favorite person?

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