Ride away

If life is a car ride, I don’t want to ride an F1 racing car. With all those red and white square patterns. Fire resistant suit and a big round helmet that makes me look like a sproud. No scenery from the window, everything falls into blurry stripes. The sounds of high speed engine mixed with high frequency wind sound will be the soundtrack. But after all a high adrenaline journey, everything will be worthed as one championship. A champion and a champagne, plus a skinny girl with sexy fake fire resistant suits. The thing is, you’re going… a l o n e. Your time to reach your goals, that counts.

If life is a car ride, I don’t want it to be a Land Cruiser speed racing off road competition, either. So many ups and downs, valley and hill, through and out of the forest. You and your navigator. Just the two of you, ‘cause the number of companion will determine your goal. Bumpy road is the thing for this kind of journey. Bring your System of a Down or same genre group band cassette, cause CD player will tremble for this full of shaking ride. And add some spread of mud to make it all complete. It is, how you handle the situation, how you manage your ride to keep going, and how you concure this mother earth.

If life is a car ride, then I will pick a big yellow volkswagen cab. This journey will be a tale between two cities, and everything in between. There is always a room for everyone, so friends are invinted to join the trip. Choose the destination located by the sea, so you will get a wonderful view. Ocean on your left side and hills on your right side, or vice versa. Bring your guitar, along with laughters, smiles and humming your favorite songs. I will sit by the window, wear my all-over-face sunglassess, and stare excitely to the crushing waves. Imagining my love, my life and what a beautiful word God has created. Live this life to its fullest, this is how you win the battle.

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