The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Sea

So I’ve been too much in love with you. It has been giving me a sense of dizziness in my head. And everywhere I turn too, I search for the blue. Could it be in somebody’s eyes or in the color of afternoon sky? Should I look you up on the travel magazine or national geographic ocean edition?

I feel lost in the city. As the previous story, I just want to be by your side. Kiss you on your salty lips, and treasuring the way you caressing my skin. Feel the warmth of the sun above you, as I swing my body from side to side.

The trip have ensured the feeling in my heart. This could not have been a mistake, for loving you this big. Not a mistake at all, at the moment we met eye to eye, and you hugged me with your open arms. Oh, how I love the blue in you, as well as your orangish sun. And didn’t we have fun, doing nothing as we sit next to each other? Me and my blue stripes beach towel, you were all calm and chill. Talked nothing and quiet still. What was wrong here? It was the presence that simply matters.

I’ve been too much in love with you. Or, is it just as much as an infatuation?

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