My Present

’m not good at picking gifts or throwing surprises for birthdays. So friends, short text messages or a big smile accompanying sentence “Happy Birthday!” were all you get. And please noted that it was the most sincere wishes from me. At birthday parties, I like to sing the song loud in different languages. People will think I am crazy but as usual I don’t care.
But I do care about you. Although I woke you up in the middle of the night, popped up in front of your door and instead of singing multilingual happy birthday, I gave you my big grin “Happy Birthday!” It was not that I don’t care because I forgot to buy candles and instead of birthday cake, I bought you donuts. And maybe you call me crazy because after we finished the donuts I sing happy birthday in Spain, Mandarin and Sundanese. Then fell asleep as soon as possible.
I don’t know. I couldn’t think of a better idea. And you might called me naïve and selfish because my idea of greatest birthday present is my presence.

Happy birthday, Lovey. You are my heaven berry, my tira-miss-u always, my sunset sun and my cup of hot tea first thing in the morning.

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