I want you in my window

I want you in my window
I want your big blue dramatic sky and spotted of white clouds
I want your gradually purple-pinkish color at the end of the day
I want your family reunion atmosphere soflty hugged me and lullabying me until sleep
I want your twinnings blackcurrant tea accompanying me first thing in the morning
I want your weekend rendezvous in between coffeeshop hopping
I want your perfect mix of coffee befriended with spiderman cake
I want your ever so beautiful sunset in ever so beautiful beachscape
I want your cows crowding the street I need to walk on
I want your friendly hello shouted loud from all over the compound
I want you popped up in my computer screen asking me where I have been
I want you popped up in front of me, stand tall and still
I want your eyes looking at me directly without glass within
I want you in my window

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