10 Commands

10 most desirable items at the moments:

1. Juno handheld GPS from Trimble. Love the yellow, love the design and love how it fits in my hand purrfectly.
White Nintendo DS Light stuffed with sequels of Dinner Dash, all brain teaser and yoga games.
Newly two front teeth.
SIGMA 18-200mm lens with Optical Stabilizer for Canon. I’m drooling to wet to have this.
Simple clean and plain white t-shirt.
Pairs of long john, or, regarding my body size, should we name it short john?
Red Karrimor 35ltr ladies rucsack.
5 star hotel voucher for strike 3 nights. Swimming pool facility is a must.
Sets of Wayang Kulit. Pandawa Lima preferably.
Another pre-honeymooners trip to exotic beaches.

Now, looking at the list above, no wonder if I would get stacks of white t-shirt for the birthday.
Although books, notebooks and cds are always welcome as well. Also Gundams, Doraemon thingy, and another pairs of Tevas.
Oh well, have a nice day.

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