Wish list

I wanna be... the energy
I wanna be... the immortal spirit
I wanna be... the life of the party
I wanna be... the screaming loud
I wanna be... the healthy source
I wanna be... the realistic dreams

... and most of all

the happiness for everybody

for everyone accidentally hurted by my self... you're not on my wish list...


Azhar Hussein said…
Hi :)

I absolutely love your blog! I'll definitely bookmark it, keep up the great work.

Please check out my site if you get some time: The Coolest Guy On The Planet
Dita.. met ultah ya.. telat ya.. hehe.. anyway, bagus tuh.. quotenya.. terus2 gimana kabar bandung?
Ocean said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ocean said…
adohhh ultahnya kelewat yak.. sori.. mau kado apa ditaaa? hihi
aku ga masuk wish list ya? masukin death list ajalah gapapa.. pasrah saya mah..
*ditunggu cd the police nya

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