Pemimpi Kecil

Seriously, under my conciousness, I’m dreaming about you.

I’m dreaming about the days we had. They would be like… missing-you-in-every-minute… and imagining-hugging-you-here. Hhh… Because, I know, it is impossible to have you near me all the time. The road you travelled would only made you… delicious!!

But then again, I’m dreaming about the days we had. The days of reunited. When you tell me about the past journey. The days when you see the sparkles in my eyes, that appears everytime you speak your brain out. You will never talk about exhausting and tiredness. This life and its journey is always a passion for you. This earth has never been an ending story. Like us.

I’m dreaming about our passion (or, is it mine?) about beaches. And all the coastline we’ve planned to see. The tan in my skin and the iritation you had on yours because of the sunburn. The sprinkles of sand under our feet where we walked hand in hand, making our Tevas as dirty as possible.

I’m dreaming about your laughters. That crunchy and full of happiness sounds. The relieve after a farewell. The way you look at me and all the silly jokes. And please keep in mind, it’s all because of me.

Seriously, under my conciousness, I’m dreaming about kissing your lips.

Guess, I’m just a little dreamer who always dreams too big.
*heavy sigh*

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