Head Over Heels

Listening to Swing Out Sisters. And I can feel my heart is crashing. Trembling. Once, there was something huge here. Fullfilled. Spilled. And everyone can tell just by looking into my eyes.

Once, there was this huge feeling. In this room. When Somewhere in the World is in the air. I couldn’t believe we’ve ever danced to this song. You took me by the hand. You said, It was something in the way I sway. I kept on humming, “We can make it happen, we can touch the sky…”. We moved together. I burried my head in your stomache. Tried hard to reach you, to feel you, to make you as a part mine. To be with you, without handing you my heart. Never thought that would be the hardest thing to do.

Now, you’re not here. Anymore. And soon, you’ll be moving out of space. You even sung “I’m leaving on the jetplane…” with your soft voice. Literally you’re not moving at all. But I can’t feel your presence. Empty. Cool air. And a prayer that you won’t go away forever.

I looked into the mirror. Is that a reflection of you?

Then, I see a girl with the smile on her face, silly looking bangs, attempting lips and talking eyes. There is something big in her heart. I mean, HUGE.

Here and now
Can’t stop what’s happening
Head over heels and falling helplessly in love
Here and now
Reaching an all time high
Head over heals
In love with life
Here and Now – Swing Out Sisters

I miss having you by my side. although I know you are here. maybe the closest thing to my iron lung.

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