The perfect date

Today is the day.
I know, someday there will be days like this. A moment when I have to convince my self that he is not mine after all. After all this time. After all the days we had. Not the memories that flashes back. Not the picture of him that projected in the front of my very eyes. Not the reminiscence of his sweet lips and his warm hugs. Not the unusual time we spent together, twice in a year. Not the fact that he’s broken up with his girlfriend and I’m not available. Not the fact that I’m single and he’s enganged. Not the fact that we refused to name our relationship. Na. I guess those aren't the facts.
But he told me about a day like this. That I should not be surprised or even betrayed. I know he expects the smile on my face and the sincere prayer for him. I know he doesn’t want any tears involved in this He is so right. Just like he always does. He picks the perfect things on exactly the right time. Good job, millions of opportunity, a great city to live in, good pair of shoes and comfortable places to hang out. He even picked the perfect date for his wedding.
06 06 06

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