Surprise me

Five people. Five persons had said that recently I looked different. Am I? They said my face was very bright and I continuosly smile. Someone said that I laughed and laughed and laughed most of the time, even at the silliest joke. They don’t find me pout in distate in the corner anymore. Wow, I never thought I used to do that in the past time.
I know I am that very much expressive girl who’s bad at hiding her feeling. Whatever weighed deep inside of me, you can look at me and you will read me like an open book. Moreever, maybe I am that children book with big pictures and 24 font size that you can read out loud even from a distance. Still I wonder. They know it. They know something’s happening to me though I didn’t realize what it is.
They do sense the intention. The sparkling in my eyes and the shine in my hair. It is obvious.
I laughed when they were telling me those things. Am I? They nodded and I laughed again. Oh yeah, I guess they were right, after all. I laugh too often these days.
Then I looked to the mirror. Hoping to see the reflection of the girl in me.

And I see you, instead.

Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
Love comes like surprise ice at dawn.

- Surprise Ice – Kings of Convenience -

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